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The purpose of this meeting is for the children to be introduced into their new environment and to stay and play for a while whilst accompanied by their parents.

This allows the children to become familiar with their new nursery and helps them to understand that the nursery is a safe place chosen by their parents and to which they come to have fun.

Open Day enables both parents and children to meet the teaching staff and be able to discuss any individual needs or answer any questions which parents may have.

The families are a fundamental area of the activities of the British Nursery, we ask for your collaboration not only from day to day, but also for specific activities in the classroom and for school trips.

Daily collaboration: in class programmes the teachers would be grateful to ask parents to enjoy and reinforce concepts, to cut out photos from magazines to send in to school, to bring in photos from home to build up the family corner, to collect recycled materials for art and craft, for Christmas decorations for the class or the preferences of the children to show other books to their friendsÖ

Specific activities: the children aged between 3, 4 and 5 yrs develop an activity throughout the year named ďThe Travel BookĒ. The children and their parents much to huge delight complete their story every weekend and every Friday one of the parents reads out their story to the other children.
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