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We follow the Foundation Stages of the British National Curriculum with its Six Early Learning Goals:

•     Personal, Social and Emotional
•     Communication, Language and Literacy
•     Mathematical Development
•     Knowledge and Understanding of the World
•     Physical Development
•     Creative Development

We provide a balanced curriculum to meet the needs of all the children. This curriculum ensures that the children learn through a variety of fun and meaningful play experiences. Classrom areas (known as “corners”) are supplied with materials that are carefully selected to encourage personal discovery and creativity in the areas of art, language, maths, life science, and pre-reading. We consider each child as an individual, taking into account their needs, their age, and their previous experience. Monthly topics are chosen to address both the Foundation Stage’s Six Early Learning Goals and second language acquisition. Instruction includes ample use of songs, games, stories and discovery play.

The Foundation Stage Profile

Throughout the foundation stage, as part of the learning and teaching process, practitioners need to assess each child´s development in relation to the stepping stones and early learning goals that form part of the Curriculum guidance for the foundation stage. These assessments are made on the basis of the practitioner´s accumulating observations and knowledge of the whole child. By the end of the final year of the foundation stage, the Foundation stage Profile will provide a way of summing up that knowledge.
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