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Being bilingual:
There are many advantages for introducing a bilingual education at very early age. These include:

Intellectual advantages
Studies have shown that knowledge of more than one language enhances cognitive skills. Bilingual children demonstrate more intellectual flexibility and apply their skills to both mathematical and linguistic problem solving.

Educational advantages
In comparison, children who learn English whilst learning their native language become higher achievers at school and learn English more effectively than those who concentrate their efforts on learning English and discard their mother tongue.

Personal advantages
Bilingual children develop a strong sense of self confidence as they become aware of their ability to use both languages when and where necessary.

Social advantages
Communication skills are enhanced due to the ability of being able to communicate with a far wider section of society.
Bilingual children have more developed vision of reality due to their knowledge of two cultures and feel equally comfortable in each.

Economic advantages
The worldwide need to employ bilingual people is ever increasing.
The ability to speak and write in two or more languages is a great advantage when seeking employment.
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